Yakan company is a Polish clothing company

established in the early 90s which designs and distributes 4 brands: Viceversa, Flipper, New Line and Insider. Initially operating under company name as "Piekarski"-importing mainly t-shirts, they slowly began to widen their product range.

Viceversa brand is a growing clothing brand

with a range of products at an average price. Its offer is directed toward both men and women who appreciate the classic elegance and comfort of wearing high-quality clothing. ViceVersa’s extensive sales network includes its own stores, franchises, and partnerships located throughout Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

New Line brand is addressed

to customers of the wholesale and retail markets. It's initial creation combines passion and experience with high-quality and a reasonable price. We want the products of New Line to reach as many customers as possible, regardless of wealth.

Flipper and Insider brands are aimed

toward customers in the wholesale and retail markets. Our main clientele are the best supermarket chains in Poland and abroad.


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Open your own store. Yakan is a dynamically growing company. Each year we become more successful in clothing market which proves with constantly increasing number of stores as well as satisfied customers.